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How to Remove Contaminated Soil

When contaminating substances are not used, stored or disposed of safely, they can infiltrate the site in which they are produced or handled, seeping into and contaminating the soil. Contaminated soil is most often found in urban areas [...]

Do you need a licence to operate a skid steer?

So, you’re starting on some home renovations, and have your eye on some skid steer hire. Thanks to the government’s semi-recent overhaul of licences pertaining to certain machines, it’s much easier to hire a skid steer without a [...]

Tips for operating a tipper truck

Tipper truck (AKA dump truck) hire is essential in multiple industries. Loading, hauling and dumping material is a part of nearly every construction and mining project. But just because they’re everywhere doesn’t mean they don’t require care when [...]

What excavator is best for your project?

Excavator hire is a construction site staple, as the machine can be used to dig trenches, foundations and holes. An excavator’s versatility means there are many different types to choose from, depending on the volume of earth you [...]

How to Choose the Right Sized Compactor

A compactor is a machine designed to reduce the size of a material or biomass through compaction. Roller compactors operate in a simple, yet effective, way. The weight of the compactor is the driving force of the compaction, [...]

Uses for Scrapers

Scrapers have come a long way from their original horse-drawn ancestors. The first modern practical tractor-towed scraper was invented by Robert LeTourneau in 1923, and is considered the first earthmoving machine ever invented. The development of towed scrapers [...]

5 Helpful Tips for Backhoe Hire

A backhoe is a great hire choice for almost any excavation or construction job. With a wide range of sizes and attachments, backhoes can perform several core tasks on the work site - such as digging, breaking and [...]

Safety Tips for Dump Truck Hire

Safety Tips for Dump Truck Hire Whether you are working with a dump truck for mining material moving or on a large-scale construction worksite, understanding how to properly utilise a dump truck is ideal to complete a successful [...]

Safety Tips for Street Sweeper Hire

Safety Tips for Street Sweeper Hire Increasing the safety of your civil project remains an essential practice that all contractors and employees strive to achieve. Even though there are standard safety procedures that need to be followed before [...]

Tipper Truck Hire Safety Guidelines

Tipper Truck Hire Safety Guidelines With the increased number of tipper trucks on our roads and highways, understanding the safety guidelines surrounding tipper trucks is essential. From just looking at them, tipper trucks are large machines that can [...]

Eastern Plant Hire strive to provide ‘The Best Service on Earth’

At EPH we work hard on major projects and within our communities to ensure we not only meet the expectations of our clients but leave a lasting positive impact on the communities around us. From partaking in the Bicycle Network’s awareness campaigns, keeping truck drivers and cyclists safe, to sponsoring our local racing team we know the importance of supporting our communities.

Thanks to hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck the team at Eastern Plant Hire have been able to work on some of the biggest construction and infrastructure projects across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. It took a long time for us to get to this point and we never take for granted the amazing opportunities that have come from it. From backyard projects to carting 450,000m³ of spoil the team at EPH are always aiming to provide you with ‘The Best Service on Earth’.

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