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Navigating Soil Classifications in Victoria: A Comprehensive Guide

Soil classification is a critical aspect of environmental management, particularly in regions like Victoria, where stringent regulations govern soil handling, treatment, and disposal.

Understanding the Difference Between Category C and Category D Contaminated Soils

Among the various categories, Cat C and Cat D soils play significant roles, each with its distinct characteristics and implications. Let’s delve deeper into the differences between these two classifications to shed light on their importance in environmental protection.

IWD 2024 – Celebrating our Women!

We are lucky enough to work with some incredible women and therefore want to take this time to interview and showcase the female faces earning, learning and leading in Civil Construction!

How to Remove Contaminated Soil

When contaminating substances are not used, stored or disposed of safely, they can infiltrate the site in which they are produced or handled, seeping into and contaminating the soil.

Do You Need a Licence to Operate a Skid Steer?

So, you’re starting on some home renovations, and have your eye on some skid steer hire. Thanks to the government’s semi-recent overhaul of licences pertaining to certain machines, it’s much easier to hire a skid steer without a licence.

Tips for Operating a Tipper Truck

Tipper truck (AKA dump truck) hire is essential in multiple industries. Loading, hauling and dumping material is a part of nearly every construction and mining project.

What Excavator Is Best for Your Project?

Excavator hire is a construction site staple, as the machine can be used to dig trenches, foundations and holes.

How to Choose the Right Sized Compactor

A compactor is a machine designed to reduce the size of a material or biomass through compaction. Roller compactors operate in a simple, yet effective, way.

Uses for Scrapers

Scrapers have come a long way from their original horse-drawn ancestors. The first modern practical tractor-towed scraper was invented by Robert LeTourneau in 1923, and is considered the first earthmoving machine ever invented.

5 Helpful Tips for Backhoe Hire

A backhoe is a great hire choice for almost any excavation or construction job. With a wide range of sizes and attachments, backhoes can perform several core tasks on the work site – such as digging, breaking and moving material, and even drilling and placing items.

3 Top Trends for the Australian Transport Industry in 2020

To say 2020 has been unpredictable is more than an understatement, with a pandemic cutting across the world, how are our industries tracking?

How do Cities Benefit from Street Sweeper Hire?

When you go to a new city for leisure or to experience a new culture, instead of sight-seeing different areas or landmarks, you may find yourself looking at the unclean streets instead.

Safety Tips for Dump Truck Hire

Whether you are working with a dump truck for mining material moving or on a large-scale construction worksite, understanding how to properly utilise a dump truck is ideal to complete a successful project.

Safety Tips for Street Sweeper Hire

Increasing the safety of your civil project remains an essential practice that all contractors and employees strive to achieve.

Tipper Truck Hire Safety Guidelines

With the increased number of tipper trucks on our roads and highways, understanding the safety guidelines surrounding tipper trucks is essential.

Why Soil Removal is Crucial for Site Remediation

Site remediation is an important process when you are trying to improve the overall health of a once polluted worksite.

Key Differences between On and Off-Road Water Carts

Whether you are looking to conduct a road construction project or you’re working on a construction site that is conducting demolition or earthworks, implementing a water cart into your equipment hire list is essential.

How is Compactor Hire used in Construction?

Compactors are an essential machine in the construction industry and are utilised to compact various organic and inorganic materials such as soil, asphalt, sand and much more.

Backhoe Hire vs Excavator Hire: The Key Difference Between The Machines

Whether you are looking to excavate materials on your earthmoving project or dig holes, trenches and foundations for a civil construction project, choosing between a backhoe and an excavator may present a difficult challenge.

How Does Contaminated Soil Removal Work?

Contaminated soil can be found across Australia and comes in a number of variations. From old warehouse rubbish buried 70 years ago to chemicals leaching into the soil and buried asbestos, contaminated soil does not have one singular method of removal.

Street Sweeper Hire: Four Things to Consider

When you need to hire a street sweeper there is a range of things to consider before making the final decision on street sweeper model and company.

Roller vs Compactor: Which Should You Hire?

Whether you need to compact your driveway or the main road having the right equipment to get the job done can mean the difference in a job well done and a project’s budget blow out.

Backhoe hire: How does a backhoe work?

Backhoes, while not extremely popular in Australia, are capable of completing the work of excavators, skid steer loaders, front loaders and other construction excavation equipment.

The 5 Effects of Improper Material and Soil Removal

Material and soil removal has become a hot topic in construction over the past few years as more and more regulations come into force across Australia.

The World’s Top 5 Biggest Mining Dump Trucks 2020

Here at Eastern Plant Hire, we love big trucks, materials haulage is a massive part of our business so whenever we hear news of a new of different truck being released the office buzzes.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Plant Hire

Whether you’re a project manager operating on large-scale civil works, a weekend warrior looking to dig a few holes in a backyard, or you’re in the mining industry and need a fleet of vehicles – you’re probably looking to save as much money as possible on your job.

What is Clean Fill?

From small residential projects to more complex civil jobs, it’s critical that you understand whether or not the materials you’re handling are classified as clean fill.

Tracks vs Wheels: What Do I Need For Excavator Hire?

With an ever-expanding list of excavator hire packages on the market, it’s important to understand what machine is right for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Water Cart Hire in Brisbane

Water cart hire in Brisbane can solve a wide range of issues that the modern construction site may impose.

Tipper Trucks for Hire: What To Look For

With Australia’s plant hire marketplace constantly expanding, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for when you go to hire a tipper truck.

The Benefits of Tipper Hire in Brisbane

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Eastern Plant Hire proudly provide the tipper hire Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne residents rely on.

Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane: What You Need To Consider

There are a lot of things to take into account before you run out and sign up for semi-trailer hire in Brisbane.

Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane: Trustworthy Tips

The scraper hire process can be a tricky one at the best of times.

How to Choose the Right Excavators for Hire

Whether you’ve got a dam construction project on your hands, residential site cuts, a trench digging job or anything in between, you’re probably going to require excavator hire.

The History and Functions of Dump Truck Hire

Choosing the perfect dump truck hire for your project can be the difference between meeting budget or over-spending.

Eastern Plant Hire’s Work on New South Wales’ Infrastructure

Eastern Plant Hire has had a presence in the New South Wales plant hire and construction industries for a number of years now.

Eastern Plant Hire’s Work on Queensland’s Infrastructure

Eastern Plant Hire has been pivotal in many of Queensland’s largest infrastructure projects over the past ten years.

Eastern Plant Hire’s Work on Victoria’s Infrastructure

Eastern Plant Hire has worked on over 20 infrastructure projects in Victoria. We’ve worked in overpasses, road upgrades, rail works, tunnels and bypasses just to name a few.

10 Types of Heavy Equipment

Heavy construction equipment is essential to any construction project, mining operation or agricultural property no matter the size.

The Bicycle Network is a ‘Ride’ in the right direction

Established in 1975 when a group of passionate, like-minded people had the vision to bring the bike riding community together, the Bicycle Network is backed by a drive to assist, educate, and stand up for bike users

How Eastern Plant Hire is ‘Designed’ to win with Label Concepts

Based across Melbourne and Sydney, Label Concepts Australia has brought the latest printing technology to life in a way that paints branding in a different light.

Kelly Racing Is Right on ‘Track’

Making their debut in 2009 Kelly Racing is an Australian motor racing team that competes in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

Why You Should Use EPH for All Your Clean Fill Needs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

Clean fill is one of the most versatile waste materials thanks to its ability to be reused in so many ways.

Why You Should Use Eastern Plant Hire for All Your Water Truck Needs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

A water truck is used to collect and disperse water depending on what the job requires.

Eastern Plant Hire Supplies Earthworks to Road Construction

Here at Eastern Plant Hire we regularly undertake earthworks contracts on major road construction projects. Through this, we have been able to amass an extensive fleet of trucks and plant for wet and dry hire.

Doncaster Dragons are a ‘Home Run’

Established in 1974 with the merger of the Doncaster United Baseball Club and the former Doncaster Baseball Club, there is plenty of history on the diamond with our local baseball champions.

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Plant Hire Contractor

Here at Eastern Plant Hire, we have one of the most extensive fleets of earthmoving equipment on the east coast.

Why Eastern Plant Hire’s Safe Material Handling is the Best

It is important to handle construction materials with safety and care to avoid unnecessary risks, ensure adequate safety, and avoid damaging the environment and breaking environmental laws.

Why Eastern Plant Hire Trucks for Hire are the Best

Our extensive service experience in the truck hire market, going all the way back to 1996, has helped us to repeatedly improve our offerings, machine diversity, competitive service quality, and rock-solid reliability for minor and major projects across Australia.

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