What Is Clean Fill?

From small residential projects to more complex civil jobs, it’s critical that you understand whether or not the materials you’re handling are classified as clean fill. Clean fill refers to a certain type of waste material that can be repurposed, recycled or reused for future construction projects. The “clean” in clean fill is a reference to the environmental impact of the materials you’re handling – meaning that the materials you’re looking to reuse are free from contaminants.

Clean fill materials must fit under the strict regulations placed in Australia. These laws have been developed in an effort to reduce the potential for harm being done to humans, animals, or environments that the materials come in contact with.

What Materials Can Be Classified as Clean Fill?

To be classified as clean fill, the waste material has to contain (in combination or isolation) cement, dirt, concrete, gravel, brick, topsoil, sand and rubble. This means that other materials with organic or biological waste cannot be classified as clean fill. Some non-clean fill materials include:

  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Fibreglass
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Contaminants
  • Contaminated soil
  • Household waste
  • Hazardous products
  • Consumer products (batteries, electronics, rubber, tyres, toxic chemicals)

An environmentally responsible practice by nature, this process ensures that waste materials are put to good use rather than ending up in our landfills. A critical component of good construction site management is properly disposing of the wide variety of waste materials that such a job site can create. Luckily there are always people looking for clean fill in order to complete projects of their own.

How Does Clean Fill Disposal Work?

Clean fill disposal is widely regarded as an environmentally conscious process. Clean fill disposal ensures that the waste from construction sites is reused and recycled, as opposed to going straight to the dump. The process of clean fill disposal involves removing appropriate material (such as concrete, topsoil, sand gravel, dirt or rubble waste) from a site with a truck, and transporting it to another project site.

Eastern Plant Hire are experts in clean fill across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Our clean fill service ensures that no matter the size of your worksite, you are able to remove construction waste responsibly so it can be reused or disposed of appropriately.

Clean fill is used throughout a number of disciplines in the country. Here in Australia, you’ll find clean fill being utilised by engineers, tradies, contractors, and just about anyone you can imagine who steps foot on a construction site.

Eastern Plant Hire Proudly Provide a Range of Clean Fill Services

EPH has proudly been operating across Australia for years. Our clean fill services are available to communities across the east coast of the country – from Brisbane to Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle and the Gold Coast. Eastern Plant Hire’s clean fill services include:

  • Removal of debris
  • Safe storage of materials
  • Delivery of reusable waste
  • Removal of reusable waste

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