How to Choose the Right Excavators for Hire

Whether you’ve got a dam construction project on your hands, residential site cuts, a trench digging job or anything in between, you’re probably going to require excavator hire. It’s important to understand which excavator hire package you’ll need to efficiently execute the job, with an ever-expanding number of options on the plant hire marketplace, identifying the right excavators for hire will likely put a dent in site down-time and costs.

We’ve outlined the most important factors to consider for any excavator hire project that will provide you with the greatest return on what can be an expensive investment.

Excavator Hire Tip #1—Excavator Size

This first tip may sound obvious, but it’s crucial to pick the excavator hire that’s the right size for your job. The size of the machine is characterised by it’s operating weight, which can drastically vary depending on which excavator hire package you opt for. Excavator hire can range all the way from 1 tonne to 90+ tonnes, and choosing too large of an excavator hire package may result in wasted dollars and an underutilised machine. While you might think that choosing the largest excavators for hire may enable you to perform any project, it could potentially inhibit your ability to undertake smaller projects due to its gargantuan size.

The key to picking the best-sized excavator for hire is selecting a machine that ticks two boxes:

  • The excavator hire can access your job site
  • The excavator hire can operate comfortably in the available workspace

A lot of smaller excavators for hire come with zero-tail swing rotation, making them perfect for residential projects and sites with limited accessibility. When you’re choosing the size of your excavator hire package, travel logistics to and from the site should also be taken into account.

Excavator Hire Tip #2—Bucket Capacity

If this is your first time looking at excavators for hire, you may not know what bucket is required for your project. Modern excavator hire packages can be attached with a range of buckets that deliver highly-efficient results. Prior to work commencing, it’s worth asking yourself:

  • How much time do I have to execute this project?
  • How accurate does your excavator hire project need to be?
  • How big is your job?

These questions are great guidelines for delivering the most efficient results throughout your excavator hire. If you still aren’t sure which bucket you’re after, just ask one of the friendly EPH team members!

Excavator Hire Tip #3—Digging Strength and Depth

From massive site cuts to pool excavations, knowing the digging depth of your excavator hire is crucial to execute projects correctly. Understanding the breakout force required to safely move material will largely impact your ability to get the job done, too. EPH can provide recommendations for your excavator hire as well as machine specifications and additional attachment options that may be needed.

Excavator Hire Tip #4—Machine Mainenance

Before you look at excavators for hire, it’s critical to review your contract and clearly understand what your servicing and maintenance responsibilities are while the machine is in your possession. As a result of the nature of work that excavators typically tackle, frequent servicing and attention are required to side-step costly issues. Prior to work commencing, operators should conduct thorough inspections of their excavator hire package. EPH regularly services and maintains all the machines in our fleet, ensuring you receive the highest standard of excavator hire possible.

Excavators for Hire With EPH

EPH currently has a wide range of excavators for hire. Our fleet consists of well-maintained, modern machines. Our range includes:

  • 5.5t-7.9t excavators for hire
  • 8t-11.9t excavators for hire
  • 12t-14.9t excavators for hire
  • 15t-19t excavators for hire
  • 20t-29t excavators for hire
  • 30t-39t excavators for hire
  • 40t-49t excavators for hire
  • 50t-80t excavators for hire
  • 80t-100t excavators for hire

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