EPH Sponsors the Doncaster Dragons Baseball Team

Doncaster Dragons are a ‘Home Run’

We Love Supporting Our Local Community… Here’s Why!

Established in 1974 with the merger of the Doncaster United Baseball Club and the former Doncaster Baseball Club, there is plenty of history on the diamond with our local baseball champions. We are excited to announce our sponsorship partnership with the almighty ‘Doncaster Dragons’ Baseball Club. LIVE GREEN. LOVE GOLD! Sorry… We’re huge fans!

Go the Mighty Dragons!

When we were approached by the Dragons management, it didn’t take us long to pitch our support behind our local community and provide the club with some much-needed funds for equipment. We are incredibly proud to help out our local community especially when they do so much for those involved. With over 400 total members of all ages, the ‘Doncaster Dragons’ encourage and push their members to be the best baseball players they can be. So much so that 9 of their members have gone on to play Pro-Baseball in the US.

Sign Up for Summer

With the summer season fast approaching, head to ‘Doncaster Dragons’ website for more information and to register. The relationship we have developed with the local Doncaster Dragons Community over the course of our sponsorship has been a truly ‘eye-opening’ and something that we look forward to continuing into the future! While it’s unlikely that our excavators will be hitting any ‘foul balls’ on the diamond – you can bet we will be behind the mesh showing our full support!

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