The Bicycle Network is a ‘Ride’ in the Right Direction

When It Comes to the Wellbeing and Safety of our Community, We’re ‘Full Speed Ahead’

Established in 1975 when a group of passionate, like-minded people had the vision to bring the bike riding community together, the Bicycle Network is backed by a drive to assist, educate, and stand up for bike users. With a strong focus on community, we are excited to announce our ongoing involvement and support of the Bicycle Network in hopes of increasing local safety and well-being.

Taking a Look from the Driver’s Seat

As an earthmoving company, we are accustomed to traveling which means unfortunately, we have seen the dangers caused by a lack of awareness surrounding shared road use. So, when the opportunity to help promote local road safety through educational outreaches, it didn’t take us long to move ‘Full Speed Ahead’.

With nearly 50,000 members nationwide, Bicycle Network is Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, helping promote local communities to be active, be safe, and be better. We are incredibly proud to be involved across a variety of campaigns designed to educate our community how cyclists, pedestrians and heavy vehicles can work together to ensure we all get where we’re going safely.

The ‘Swapping Seats’ initiative has been the latest on our radar with a particular focus on how people who walk and ride should position themselves around trucks and heavy vehicles by inviting riders and pedestrians to ‘Swap Seats’ with a truck driver. This campaign aimed to nurture positive relationships between truck drivers and cyclists, promoting safety by showing how little drivers can see.

Together We Can

The Bicycle Network has been a big supporter of ours, lobbying for the pursuit of technologies to improve the safety of heavy vehicles on the roads which is just once reason we are huge advocates of these guys. Together we can help to promote safer road use and reduce the dangers which both heavy-vehicle drivers and cyclists face on a day-to-day basis.

The relationship we have built with Bicycle Network is one which we continue to nurture and for us, this time has been truly eye-opening. For more information and to register your support, head over to the Bicycle Network website. While earthmoving bicycles aren’t on the agenda – you can bet we’ll be up in the cabin pledging our support!

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