Material & Soil
Disposal Melbourne

Material & Soil Disposal

Whether rectifying erosion issues or rehabilitating disused quarry sites, Eastern Plant Hire can source, import, place and compact clean fill to meet even the most stringent rehabilitation plans.

Material Supply & Removal

At EPH we are actively reusing material from one construction site to supply material to another construction site across the East Coast. Our dedicated materials handling and cartage team work hard to provide these services in a timely and organised manner. Knowing where you can take material for disposal can be confusing, but thanks to our locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve amassed a network of over 100 trusted material disposal sites across the three states.

Clean Fill Supply

As part of our material supply services, we offer clean fill supply that can either come from a quarry or one of the many sites we remove clean fill from. No matter what type of clean fill you are looking for rest assured that all of our clean fill product meets industry standards and regulations. We are also more than happy to remove clean fill from your site using any of our trucks for hire.

Contaminated Soil Disposal

EPH have a team of EPA licenced operators to undertake contaminated soil disposal. They are equipped with the necessary equipment and qualifications and are capable of getting the contaminated soil disposed in a timely manner, without compromising safety. We also offer specific soil and spoil removal services, to ensure that liquid waste and contaminated liquid waste is removed correctly.

Obligation Free Quote

EPH offers a comprehensive range of experienced equipment operators at competitive prices. For Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane based projects, EPH has machinery readily available to help you with your project. Contact us today on 1300 037 437 for a free no obligation quote.