5 Helpful Tips for Backhoe Hire

backhoe is a great hire choice for almost any excavation or construction job. With a wide range of sizes and attachments, backhoes can perform several core tasks on the work site – such as digging, breaking and moving material, and even drilling and placing items. But not every backhoe will be right for you – you need the right size, the right attachment compatibility, and the right capacity and power. These tips will help ensure you purchase a machine with the optimal specs and setup to work safely, efficiently and without any unnecessary wear and tear.

1. Plan Out What Work You’re Doing with the Backhoe

You probably know what you want to hire the backhoe out for, but what exactly will it be doing? Backhoes are versatile machines, so you may end up using it for many tasks – moving different materials, digging to different depths, lifting and placing different materials. Consider all the different tasks you need to complete, that way you can ensure the backhoe you hire is optimal for all your tasks, the type and the amount of material you’ll be dealing with. Also, think about the backhoe attachments you’ll be using, as well as, whether or not you’ll need special lift options.

2. Take a Close Look at the Backhoe Specs

Here you should be making sure the capabilities of the backhoe match your needs. If you’re digging, check out the dig depth and dig force. If you’re working in a tight space, look closely at the backhoe’s height and width measurements. When you’re looking at smaller backhoes remember they’re more equipped for lift capacity than reach and dig. Look at the buckets that come with your hire or that can be attached, and consider their width and how much weight they can support. Ensure to ask the backhoe hire supplier about the compatibility between the backhoe and attachments you are either hiring with it or already have available.

3. Keep Operator Safety and Comfort in Mind

Don’t just think about how much material you can dig, break or move. Often operators spend long hours in machines in semi-dangerous sites, so you’ll want a machine that won’t leave you in pain after a job or break down on you. Look for operator comfort, visibility, safety features, intuitive controls and adjustability. Test out the controls before you put your money on it, and weigh up whether you want a roaded or tailored backhoe (roaded backhoes prioritise operator comfort and spill control). If you’re confused about the controls, check out our blog on them here.

4. Hire a Backhoe with Advanced Telematics

Advanced telematics refers to a subset of intelligent vehicle technologies which work to tell the driver how the different systems in a vehicle are working. Monitoring the health, performance, usage and location of your heavy equipment is essential if you don’t want a surprise breakdown, and advanced telematics is a backhoe feature that lets you do that. A remote monitoring system is an example of advanced telematics which also lets you monitor your backhoe’s productivity, machine-related overhead and maintenance schedules. Ask your supplier if your backhoe’s monitoring system is robust and comprehensive, and factor that into your decision.

Hire a Backhoe from an Excellent Supplier!

When you hire with an excellent supplier you don’t just get a high quality, well-maintained backhoe on hire. You get a team of people working together to ensure your hire experience is the best out there. From pre-hire customer service organising contracts and delivery, to hire support provided for the duration of the hire, and after hire service ensuring all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Now, where do we know you’ll find that? Eastern Plant Hire of course!

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