Tipper Truck Hire Safety Guidelines

With the increased number of tipper trucks on our roads and highways, understanding the safety guidelines surrounding tipper trucks is essential. From just looking at them, tipper trucks are large machines that can be quite intimidating. When their large tilt tray starts to unload various materials, this can be extremely dangerous to surrounding workers in the vicinity. However, these same machines are utilised in multiple industries, from civil earthworks to earthmoving, equipment transport and anything in between and accidents can occur. But these accidents can be avoided if those operating or working near tipper trucks follow simple guidelines and of course use common sense.

Below are some tipper truck safety guidelines that should be followed to ensure the safety of all workers involved:

  • Maintenance and Servicing
  • Process of Filling the Tipper
  • Transportation of Tipper Load
  • Entrance to the Drop-Off Zone
  • Unloading the Tipper Truck

Maintenance and Servicing

Before any tipper truck starts to undertake a projects material transportation requirement, the owner or hiring company needs to ensure that all required servicing and maintenance has been conducted before sending the machine off. Requesting to review the service logs of the tipper truck is crucial to decreasing the likelihood of breakdowns occurring on-site.

In conjunction with the tipper trucks maintenance and servicing, making sure that all operators are not only experienced, but they have the required tickets and qualifications to operate these large powered machines is essential.

Process of Filling the Tipper

Before you can start to load any tipper truck with various materials, operators must know the exact loading capacity of the tipper truck they are operating. This is because if they exceed the maximum loading capacity, this could cause damage to the mechanical parts. Making sure that all material within the tipper is level as possible will ensure efficient tipping.

Transportation of Tipper Load

Caution and safety need to take precedence when transporting materials in a tipper truck. This is to make sure that the entire load makes it to the worksite and the tipper truck is still in great condition. Avoiding maximum speed limits, hairpin turns, and inclined roads are vital as this can cause unwarranted strain on the tipper truck.

In order to avoid these obstacles, necessary route planning will need to take place. Spending time on planning a safe route can be the difference between your hired tipper truck making it to your worksite or having an accident on the way.

Entrance to the Drop-Off Zone

When you find the entrance to the worksite, you may think that everything is smooth sailing from here. Well, you would be wrong. When you are making your entrance, you and your assistant need to be on a constant lookout for travelling civilians and other site vehicles. This is even more important in not so favourable weather and environmental conditions as your visibility may be affected.

Unloading the Tipper Truck

The final and sometimes the most difficult part of the entire tipper truck process is unloading the material being transported. This process is of high difficulty as there will be quite a few tonnes of materials being unloaded, causing a major change in the tipper trucks overall weight and stability. A few things you can to do increase the stability when unloading is unload on flat and stable ground, tip the material/s out slowly, communicate effectively with your assistant and implement the use of stabilisers if necessary.

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