The History and Functions of Dump Truck Hire

Choosing the perfect dump truck hire for your project can be the difference between meeting budget or over-spending. They’re used throughout a wide range of industries and are the perfect solution for many logistical issues on the modern work site.

Whether it’s your first time looking to hire a dump truck or you’re a seasoned veteran wanting to learn more about the machines, this comprehensive guide below will run you through where dump truck hire originated from, and the various applications of these dynamic machines.

What Is a Dump Truck?

Dump trucks are large-engined trucks with a deep, open bed that is used to transport bulk materials. Dump truck hire is perfect for the transportation of dirt, soil, gravel, rocks, quarrying supplies, lumber, waste materials, scrap metal, rubble and more.

What Industries Is Dump Truck Hire Used In?

Dump truck hire provides a reliable, inexpensive transportation solution to many industries across Australia. They’re utilised in the construction industry, fulfilling a number of functions on the average site including hauling in building materials, hauling out torn down scrap and more. Dump truck hire packages are complete with sturdy wheels that withstand hazardous materials like nails or sharp debris with ease.

Larger dump truck hire options are typically found in the mining industry. These machines can carry a payload of up to 496 tonnes at a time. The Belaz 7571 is currently the biggest dump truck in the world, measuring up at 20.6m in length, 8.16m in height and 9.87m in width. You’ll also find dump truck hire used throughout residential projects, particularly in rural areas where large amounts of debris need to be moved at a time.

When Was the Articulated Dump Truck Invented?

Dating all the way back to 1920, the articulated dump truck has an extensive history of innovation. The articulated dump truck’s first patent originated in New Brunswick thanks to Canadian inventor Robert T. Mawhinney. He designed a mast between the cab and dump box that was powered by a winch and cable system, used to lower and raise the dump box. Flash forward to today, and there are a plethora of exciting articulated dump truck hire options on the market.

What Are the Main Types of Dump Truck Hire in Australia?

Most dump truck hire packages in Australia can be divided into two groups: articulated dump truck hire and rigid dump truck hire. Rigid dump trucks are defined by their fixed or rigid chassis, on which both the dump body and cab sit. Articulated dump truck hire options are characterised by their articulated chassis, where the truck’s cab and rear dump or tipping body meet at an articulation point that sits directly behind the cab. Articulated dump truck hire turns by pivoting at the articulation point, more commonly referred to as articulated steering.

What Should I Look for When I Hire an Articulated Dump Truck?

There are a few key things to keep an eye out for prior to committing to articulated dump truck hire. It’s important to inspect the machine’s service records to decrease the likelihood of the truck breaking down. Being unable to remove excess materials from the site will likely result in more downtime and lost wages.

The success of articulated dump truck hire can depend on the qualifications of the operator provided by the plant hire company you’re working with. It’s crucial that they’re legally allowed to drive the truck, and have experience working in the role. The safety of the other workers could be compromised if an inexperienced driver makes mistakes on site.

Where Can I Find the Best Dump Truck Hire in Australia?

For the best dump truck hire packages in Australia, Eastern Plant Hire is the way to go. We regularly service and maintain every machine in our fleet to ensure our customers receive the best possible standard of dump truck hire we can provide them with. We proudly operate in locations all throughout Australia, including major cities like BrisbaneMelbourne and Sydney.

Eastern Plant Hire’s articulated dump truck hire package comes complete with service records and a ticketed operator. Our seasoned team members are able to operate in even the most complex construction sites that demand a high degree of flexibility and skill. When you hire an articulated dump truck with EPH, you’ll have the peace of mind that your job will be completed on time and under budget.

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