Street Sweeper Hire: Four Things to Consider

When you need to hire a street sweeper there is a range of things to consider before making the final decision on street sweeper model and company. It’s important to remember, especially when you need a regular street sweeper hire, that high-quality street sweeping operations are harder to come by than first thought. Just like excavator hire or dozer hire it’s important to remember that the machine is only as good as the operator.

When it comes to street sweeper hire you often need to get it right the first time. When you need a street sweeper for cleaning up a construction site or a spill on the road you need an operator with the experience to clean it up efficiently. Alternatively, if you’re looking to have a street sweeper company on a contract you need to ensure you’re getting the best company on the books.

Most project managers have a street sweeper company on call for all of their construction site mess, they’ve spent time building a relationship with the company and street sweeper operators but how do you know who to trust without the time spent building a relationship. Below we’ve outlined the top four things you need to look out for when it comes to hiring a street sweeper.

1. Street Sweeper Knowledge and Experience

There are two key things to ask a street sweeper company or operator when you need to hire a street sweeper, operator training and operator experience. In order to operate a medium-rigid street sweeper, an operator not only needs to have the necessary qualifications and training but also a license to operate a medium to heavy vehicle. It is important that the operator of the street sweeper you hire can provide evidence of formal training.

Once you can confirm that the street sweeper operator has the required qualifications the next thing you need to ask is the operators experience. What are you needing the operator to sweep up? Is it general road debris? Mud? Chemicals? The more specific the clean up you need the more experienced you need your street sweeper operator to be. The last thing you need is for the mess to spread.

2. Having the Right Street Sweeper Equipment

The next things you need to look at after operator experience and qualifications are the street sweeper equipment and trucks used by the company. While the machines don’t need to be brand new or state of the art they do need to comply with local regulation and be equipped with the technology that will get the job done.

Ensure the street sweeping company is capable of providing documentation when needed. Once you are sure the machine coming to your project is safe it is up to you to decide if you want a bare basics model or the deluxe, kitted out model. Not only this but different street sweepers work better with different surfaces, from porous pavements to asphalt and concrete you need to ensure the street sweeper you hire will work for your surface.

3. Ability to Adapt to Unexpected Problems

When it’s an emergency and you need a street sweeper to clean up a mess immediately you need a street sweeping company and operator that are equipped with the skills to get the job done quickly and professionally. However, this isn’t the only instance when you need a reliable street sweeper operator with the skills to adapt to unexpected problems.

When you need a street sweeping company on contract for regular work, whether daily, weekly or monthly, you need the company to be able to adapt to your changing needs. The street sweeping company you choose to use should be enquiring about where they need to go, the type of debris and general quantities and how often you need them on the roads.

4. The Reputation of the Street Sweeping Company

Like with any business, reputation is everything, when you’re looking for a street sweeping company you need to know that you’re hiring from a professional and reliable company. Is the company you’re hiring from well known in the industry? Do they come recommended or are they part of any industry bodies?

No matter if the street sweeping company you’re hiring from is a small business with a truck or two or a major company with a fleet of street sweepers in every major city, how they have interacted with you and those in the industry means more than anything.

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