How Eastern Plant Hire is ‘Designed’ to Win With Label Concepts

When It Comes to Earthmoving, We Love to Stand Out… Here’s Why!

Based across Melbourne and Sydney, Label Concepts Australia has brought the latest printing technology to life in a way that paints branding in a different light. With a range of leading print and finishing solutions that have serviced some of the largest and most iconic fleets, our branding decisions have been a no-brainer. We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with Label Concepts which has helped inspire a new era of ‘EPH Fleet’.

Fleet Branding, Done Right!

At Eastern Plant Hire, we have been operating as one of Australia’s most competitive and reliable earthmoving operators since 1996. After years of mastering the earthmoving industry and upgrading our fleet, we realised one thing was still missing… Branding! So we got to work right away!

When the opportunity to work with Label Concepts first came about, it didn’t take us long to pitch our support behind this local company. We are incredibly proud of how far we have come and figured, what better way to ‘show-off’ Australia’s premier fleet, than an elusive showcase of EPH Branded trucks.

Label Concepts has helped Eastern Plant Hire stand out of the crowd, with print and finishing solutions that have been optimised for our earthmoving equipment! From our Mack Truck Tandems to the recent addition of our new Mercedes-Benz Actros – Our fleet branding has never felt so right!

Help Your Fleet Stand Out

When it comes to the earthmoving industry, it can often take a ‘little more’ to stand out. We have never been prouder of our leading fleet and our collaboration with Label Concepts is one we couldn’t be happier with! With the holiday season fast approaching, head to the Label Concepts website for information on how you can help your fleet stand out. While it’s unlikely that our trucks will be stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon – you can be sure to see our fleet on the road, with our branding singing loud and proud!

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