Why You Should Use Eastern Plant Hire for All Your Water Truck Needs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

What Is a Water Truck?

A water truck is used to collect and disperse water depending on what the job requires. Water carts are equipped with a range of tools and attachments that allow them to collect water from a distance and spray water in multiple ways and directions.

Water carts have come a long way from when they were an actual water tank on a cart, to the high tech trucks you see driving around now. The technology grew as research into the impacts of dust were released and governments started to pass dust suppression laws.

While water carts have a purpose without dust suppression, they are capable of transporting potable water and draining tanks, the demand for them has come from the mining and construction industries.

What Are Water Trucks Used For?

Water carts are used in the construction and mining industries as dust suppressants, soil compactors, and environmental rehabilitation. When construction is underway the potential for contaminants to make it into the dust and subsequently into the air is high and poses real health risks to people in the surrounding areas. Not only that but depending on the type of dust and weather it can dramatically lower visibility. This is why water carts that have sprayer and dribble attachments are always found working to suppress dust onsite.

Another great purpose water trucks have is soil compaction. During the road construction process soil and dust need to be constantly compacted in order to make a quality road that won’t prematurely deteriorate. This is where water carts come into the picture, being able to constantly spray the road with water, keeping it bound together.

The use of water carts in environmental rehabilitation is often at the end of a project when landscaping or land rehabilitation takes place. As young plants are normally used, water trucks provide much-needed water to them until the project has finished. This gives the area a better chance of successfully rehabilitating.

Who Supplies Water Trucks?

At Eastern Plant Hire, we aim to provide end to end plant and equipment hire and this includes water trucks. Our range of water trucks are often hired out for jobs ranging from one day to months at one time. We also regularly provide our water trucks for wet and dry hire in combos with our other plant or trucks.

It doesn’t matter if your project is worth millions of dollars or just a few thousand, we’re ready, geared up, kitted out, fully trained, and all fuelled up for any project that comes our way. To get started, give us a call today on 1300 037 437.

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