The Ultimate Guide to Water Cart Hire in Brisbane

Water cart hire in Brisbane can solve a wide range of issues that the modern construction site may impose. The harsh weather conditions of Queensland’s capital can make working on site a nightmare, however, these incredibly versatile machines are a great solution for many problems. The term ‘water cart hire’ is interchangeable amongst workers in Brisbane, with many different phrases being used to categorise the machines around the Sunshine State. Some of the alternative names you may hear for these innovative vehicles are:

  • Dinosaur water truck hire Brisbane
  • Water truck hire Brisbane
  • Truck-mounted water cart hire Brisbane
  • Water tanker hire Brisbane

Before you blindly dive into water cart hire in Brisbane, it’s important to figure out the logistics prior to construction commencing. Check out these useful tips on what to consider before your water cart hire in Brisbane, and the various applications a sucker truck can help you with around the Brown Snake.

How Do Water Carts Work?

Water carts are specialised water carrying vehicles that are utilised throughout a wide range of mining and construction activities. Water cart hire in Brisbane will generally feature a water tank that is mounted to the body of a vehicle; these can be either truck mounted or dump truck mounted. Depending on the size of the water cart hire in Brisbane, the cart may be equipped with water cannons, automatic hose reels, cab operated batter sprayers and front road sprayers. Water cart hire in Brisbane can come in a wide range of sizes and designs, with the biggest water carts for hire in Brisbane being able to carry as much as 36,000 litres. The immense capacity of water cart hire in Brisbane allows them to offer efficient portable water delivery and water cartage services.

What Is Water Cart Hire in Brisbane Used For?

There are a number of great uses for water cart hire in Brisbane, and when you wet hire a water cart with EPH, you’ll have the peace of mind you’re receiving an experienced operator. Here are some of the main functions of water cart hire in Brisbane:

1 – Dust Suppression.

Construction sites across Brisbane can be incredibly dusty and dry, presenting a unique challenge for dust control. Water cart hire in Brisbane offers a powerful solution for dust suppression, with the carts soaking the dry earth to reduce clouds of dust in large and small-scale projects. Creating too much dust pollution on a worksite breaches state and federal construction laws, making water cart hire in Brisbane a necessity for many sites.

2 –  Road Construction

By utilising water cart hire in Brisbane during road construction, you’ll be able to add moisture into the soil, making the surface easier to compact into even ground. For road construction projects, this process is critical. Water cart hire in Brisbane will typically be used in conjunction with a grader or roller to compress the road’s surface for a smooth finish.

3 – Irrigation

4 – Portable water delivery

5 – Soil compaction

6 – Environmental rehabilitation

7 – Fire prevention

8 – Consumable water tank delivery

What’s the Difference Between On and Off-Road Water Cart Hire in Brisbane?

Off-road water carts, also referred to as rough terrain water carts, are commonly found amongst mining and construction sites. These machines specialise in working on properties that have unpaved roads or uneven access terrain. They can reach places that road water carts cannot, which is especially useful around Brisbane.

On-road water carts, however, are able to access all road sites with ease, making them a perfect candidate for mid to large scale civil construction projects across Brisbane. Most water cart hire options in Brisbane will be on-road water carts.

What Are the Different Sized of Water Cart Hire in Brisbane?

Eastern Plant Hire proudly offer a range of versatile water cart hire packages in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our fleet consists of water trucks that are able to carry between 4000L and 16000L. Every water cart hire option in our range is strictly maintained and serviced to ensure you receive the best possible service we can provide!

Eastern Plant Hire Provide the Very Best Water Cart Hire Brisbane Has to Offer!

EPH is a 100% Australian owned and operated company driven by a vision to innovate the earthmoving equipment hire industry and become Australia’s premier plant hire agency. Our water cart hire operators are some of the best in the business, with years of extensive experience behind them there’s no job that’s too difficult. Get in touch with the team at Eastern Plant Hire today and find out why we’re the water cart hire Brisbane residents rely on.

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