Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane: What You Need to Consider

There are a lot of things to take into account before you run out and sign up for semi-trailer hire in Brisbane. With an ever-expanding plant hire marketplace, it can be tricky to know who to trust or what to look for. That’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to consider into our comprehensive guide below. From semi-trailer age to service records, operator qualifications and vehicle functionality, EPH have got you covered.

Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane Tip Number One—Operator Experience is Crucial

The importance of working with an experienced professional cannot be overstated when it comes to semi-trailer hire in Brisbane. Prior to signing any hire documents, you should be asking the organisation whether or not their drivers are fully licensed and have experience operating in their role.

These simple questions could potentially be the difference between meeting your budget or spending too much due to costly errors in material handling. Semi-trailer hire drivers in Brisbane will usually have to work in tight spaces throughout construction sites and environments that demand a high standard of flexibility and skill. By ensuring the driver you’re paired with has a deep understanding of their role, you’ll have the peace of mind that the safety of everyone on site is not at risk.

Every semi-trailer hire operator working at Eastern Plant Hire has years of experience in their role. Our drivers are fully ticketed and licensed to work on the semi-trailer hire service we provide.

Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane Tip Number Two—Vehicle Maintenance Matters

This point may seem obvious, but it’s critical to hire semi-trailers in Brisbane that are well taken care of. It’s a good idea to request the maintenance schedule of the semi-trailer hire package you’re looking at to decrease the likelihood of a costly breakdown. A properly-serviced semi-trailer hire is not only good for your budget but the safest choice for your construction site.

Eastern Plant Hire regularly services and maintains every machine in our plant hire fleet. We take pride in the proper maintenance of our machines and always strive to provide the best standard of semi-trailer hire Brisbane has to offer.

Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane Tip Number Three—Look for the Best Features and Attachments

It’s important to identify which semi-trailer hire attachments may be useful throughout your project in Brisbane. These attachments can increase productivity and cut down-time on site. Eastern Plant Hire has a wide range of innovative semi-trailer hire attachments including:

  • Body configurations: Steel Bisalloy Aluminium
  • Cabin configurations: Cab-Over Bonnet Nose
  • Environmental Tarps
  • 2-Way tailgate
  • Grain locks
  • Differential locks

To learn more about our dynamic semi-trailer hire attachments in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, give the team at Eastern Plant Hire a call. We’ll provide you with first-class advice and an obligation free quote!

What Is Semi-Trailer Hire Used For?

Eastern Plant Hire provide a reliable semi-trailer hire service in Brisbane. Our semi tipper trucks are capable of transporting a large amount of loose or bulk materials including sand, construction aggregate, gravel and more. Our semi-trailer hire in Brisbane is mostly used throughout larger residential and civil construction sites.

Eastern Plant Hire Provide the Semi-Trailer Hire Brisbane Residents Trust

Eastern Plant Hire is committed to delivering “The Best Service On Earth”, with world-class expertise and unmatched industry insights on semi-trailer hire in Brisbane. EPH continues to reach our vision of becoming the most competitive and reliable earthmoving plant and truck hire company in the country.

Get in touch with us today and speak with one of our friendly staff members about the semi-trailer hire Brisbane residents trust. We’ll be able to provide you with incisive advice and an obligation-free quote to get the ball rolling on your next project. Alternatively, fill out an online enquiry form and we will respond to your semi-trailer hire request as soon as possible.

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