Safety Tips for Street Sweeper Hire

Increasing the safety of your civil project remains an essential practice that all contractors and employees strive to achieve. Even though there are standard safety procedures that need to be followed before any project starts, all parties involved in the project should always look to improve overall safety.

With the increased number of street sweepers being used on various worksites, additional safety features and new designs are being formulated to guarantee the safety of the team and the public.

Here are a few tips that can increase the safety of your project when utilising the assistance of a street sweeper:

  1. Experienced Street Sweeper Operator
  2. Using the Correct Street Sweeper for Your Project
  3. Inspections and Maintenance is a MUST
  4. Implementing Additional Features

1. Experienced Street Sweeper Operator

Even though street sweepers aren’t known to be dangerous as they move between 20-40 km/h, they are large machines that can cause serious damage if an inexperienced operator is at the wheel. This is why you need to ensure that before a street sweeper starts sweeping away, the person operating it has the required tickets and licenses. This license will give an operator the required knowledge about the various functions and mechanisms.

If your street sweeper is left-hand drive, the operator utilising the machine will also need training on how to operate a left-hand side street sweeper. There are training courses that can provide an operator with the knowledge to operate a left-hand sweeper safely.

2. Using the Correct Street Sweeper for Your Project

To further increase the safety of all personnel on a worksite when a sweeper is being used, selecting the correct street sweeper to complete your project is ideal. Let’s compare street sweepers to excavators for a second. When you need to complete a backyard excavations project, you would hire a 2 tonne excavator, not a 20 tonne excavation. The same concept applies for street sweepers, if your project is on a small-scale, enlisting the help of a small to medium sized sweeper is perfect. If your project is much larger and requires more power, hire a larger sweeper.

Street sweeper brands can also signify whether they are highly regarded in the safety department. Today, most of the top sweeper brands are known for their site safety but make sure you do your research before hiring.

3. Inspections and Maintenance Is a Must

Hiring a street sweeper from a reputable company like Eastern Plant Hire can guarantee you ultimate street sweeper safety. There are multiple components such as the engine and brushes that allow street sweepers to operate and function at an optimal standard.

Before hiring a machine, you need to make sure that the required servicing and inspections have taken place. Asking the supplier before hiring a street sweeper is your best bet but asking for service records can also show you when a street sweeper has last been serviced.

4. Implementing Additional Safety Features

With constant safety technological features being developed and created, there are a few safety features that should be implemented on street sweeper models.

The first safety measure is the implementation of a better rear and side mirrors as well as cameras. These will allow an operator to see out of the sweeper better, knowing where certain structures and civilians are located.

The third and final safety feature is the implementation of brighter lights and reversing alarms. Brighter lights will allow operators working at night to better see objects in front of them, while a reversing alarm will signify to the travelling public not to stand at the back of the sweeper.

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