Eastern Plant Hire’s Work on New South Wales’ Infrastructure

Eastern Plant Hire has had a presence in the New South Wales plant hire and construction industries for a number of years now. We’ve been working hard to make an impact in an industry that is packed with high-quality plant hire businesses. Because we’ve always believed in giving ‘The Best Service on Earth’ we’ve kept up that attitude and because of that have managed to secure major contracts on projects that are changing the landscape of New South Wales.

New South Wales has had some of the biggest construction and infrastructure projects in the country over the past few years and we’ve been lucky enough to work on quite a few of them. With major tunnelling for cars and trains in the city and statewide upgrades to national freight routes taking place right now our truck and plant hire services are in high demand. We have extensive experience in coordinating truck haulage services on a daily basis ensuring that work is able to run smoothly. Below are three of the biggest projects we’re worked in New South Wales.

The New South Wales Infrastructure Projects We’ve Worked On

1. The Sydney Metro City & Southwest

The Sydney Metro is the biggest public transport project in Australia to date. The metro will add 66km of standalone metro railway to Sydney’s transport network, making room for more than 100,000 extra customers every hour. The project is currently broken into 2 stages, the Metro Northwest and the Metro City and Southwest, with the Metro Northwest stage expected to be completed by mid-2019. The second stage, the Metro Southwest, has only just commenced excavation in late 2017 with planned completion in 2024.

The combined Metro projects are expected to cost around $20 billion dollars. We are currently in contract with the operators of the Metro City and Southwest project. We are predominantly undertaking work relating to the transport of material to and from the various construction sites. The Metro City and Southwest will see the addition of:

  • 16km of new metro line between Chatswood and Sydenham
  • 7 new railway stations
  • 15km of twin tunnels
  • 11 upgraded stations

2. Pacific Highway Upgrade—Woolgoolga to Ballina

The Pacific Highway Upgrade is Australia’s largest road infrastructure project to date. It has been underway since 1996 with plans for it to finish in 2020. Eastern Plant Hire is currently working with CPB Contractors on 34km of Pacific Highway upgrade linking the Maclean to Devils Pulpit section to the south and the Richmond River to Ballina Bypass section in the north, worth around $365 million. It is part of the larger $4.9 billion Woolgoolga to Ballina project, the last stage in the entire Pacific Highway Upgrade.

Our work is related to the upgrade of the Pacific Highway to two lanes in each direction, building seven new bridges and the associated road works including ground treatments, earthworks and road surfacing. We are the major contractor for the supply of truck and dog trucks. At our peak, we were running 33 truck and dog trucks moving fill around the project site and hauling other materials too and from the Woolgoolga to Ballina project site.

3. The Barangaroo Remediation

The Barangaroo Remediation project is cleaning up historic contamination, left there by the old Millers Point Gasworks and other landfill. Although decommissioned in 1921 the contaminated soil and landfill were never dealt with until now. Due to the proximity to the harbour and parkland as well as future plans to redevelop the area the clean up is ensuring the contamination doesn’t cause future problems. With the new Barangaroo Metro Station and further development being built, it is critically important the soil is free from contamination.

Eastern Plant Hire had been able to contribute to the Barangaroo Remediation clean up efforts by providing truck hire to transport the contaminated soil and spoil from the site to the appropriate hazardous waste disposal site. While not being the most difficult job we have undertaken, the logistics of this job were challenging. Because of the inner-city location of the site and the type of material we were transporting we had to ensure we were following all the necessary protocols and regulations.

New South Wales’ Infrastructure Boom Is in Full Swing

These days it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in New South Wales without running into construction and infrastructure works. New South Wales and Sydney are in the midst of a massive construction boom, creating the New South Wales of the future. With even more projects in the pipeline, New South Wales is looking to become even more connected.

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