Eastern Plant Hire’s Subcontractor Ambassador Program

Eastern Plant Hire (EPH) is currently searching for the right subcontractors to become part of our brand through our EPH Ambassador Program. As part of the Ambassador fleet, you’ll drive our branded trucks and get first preference for any jobs that are posted. This allows us to provide more services to our clients and allows you to grow your company.

We have developed the subcontractor ambassador program to create a point of difference from our competitors for both our brand and service. We are offering a select number of subcontractors an agreement in which priority work is offered in return for exceptional customer service and performance. Because we are a company that regularly takes on major materials cartage jobs we are always looking for more quality operators to add to #teamEPH.

About the Subcontractor Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is an opportunity for our truck subcontractors to build their own business by expanding their opportunities and increasing their income. Our ambassador subcontractors are recognised and rewarded for their loyalty, high standard of service and the ability to stand out from the rest. It’s the extra effort certain subcontractors put into their work that makes them EPH Ambassador worthy.

As this is an accreditation program, EPH Ambassadors will be selected not only by the quality of the equipment they supply but the attitude and presentation of the operator to the customer and the greater EPH team. We pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and efficient and we would expect the applicants to our subcontractor ambassador program to also represent these things.

How to Become One of Our Subcontractor Ambassadors

There are strict criteria for subcontractors applying for the Ambassador Program, with an ongoing review process in place to ensure that a uniform image and service level is maintained to our high standards. As successful ambassadors drive EPH branded trucks and get first preference for jobs we have to ensure they are not only the best operator but are also operating in our best interests.

If you are interested in joining the EPH Ambassador Program and believe that you have the equipment and qualities required to join #teamEPH, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Subcontractor Ambassador Registration