Tipper Trucks for Hire: What to Look Out For

With Australia’s plant hire marketplace constantly expanding, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for when you go to hire a tipper truck. There are a number of factors that need to be considered prior to giving a company your business. For example, if you’re working on a basic residential project, you’ll be looking at a vastly different tipper truck for hire than a project manager on a mining site.

If you’re looking to learn about tipper trucks for hire, save on costs and time spent on site, then have a look at our comprehensive guide below. We detail everything you should take into consideration when you’re looking for tipper trucks for hire including machine servicing, operator qualifications, tipper truck hire applications and more.

Machine Servicing

It may seem obvious to some, but tipper trucks for hire that aren’t regularly serviced and maintained pose a real threat to any project, no matter the size. It’s crucial to request and review the service logs of the machine you’re working with prior to construction commencing. This decreases the likelihood of having a costly breakdown on site. Tipper trucks for hire that have technical issues pose a real threat to the safety of employees and will likely result in more project down-time.

By ensuring the company you operate with regularly maintains their tipper trucks for hire, you’re protecting your budget and schedule. Eastern Plant Hire strictly maintain every tipper truck for hire in our fleet to ensure you receive the highest standard of service we can possibly provide.

Qualified Operators

It’s always worth asking how experienced your operator is prior to signing any agreements. A lot of new plant hire companies work with operators that are inexperienced in the field. Although it may be tempting to take slightly cheaper tipper trucks for hire, it’s crucial to analyse where those saved expenses are coming from, and how much more it may cost you down the line.

A good way to prepare your tipper truck hire operator is to outline the logistics of your project and the environment that they will be required to work in. This sets the expectation of the standard of work you’re expecting and decreases the chances of any hiccups during the project.

Eastern Plant Hire employs highly skilled and qualified operators available with our tipper trucks for hire. We’ve been in operation since 1996 and work with a high degree of flexibility and skill to ensure your project is executed perfectly.

How Do Tipper Trucks for Hire Work?

Also known as ‘truck lorries’ or ‘dump trucks’, tipper trucks are incredibly useful machines that encompass a wide range of functions. Tipper trucks have a large, deep bed that is used to transport materials to and from construction sites. Tipper trucks for hire can transport various loose and bulk materials including gravel, grain, dirt, sand, construction aggregate, asphalt, wood chips, turf, snow and more.

What Are the Different Kinds of Tipper Trucks for Hire?

With a plant hire industry that is constantly growing, we’ve seen a range of innovative tipper trucks for hire burst onto the market. The two most popular tipper trucks for hire, however, are articulated dump trucks and rigid rear dump trucks.

Articulated dump trucks are characterised by their hinge between the cab and dump box. Hugely prolific in the mining industry, these tipper trucks for hire are used off-road to transport bulk loads across rough terrains.

Rigid rear dump trucks are perfect to use in tandem with hydraulic excavators in mining. These machines are found only in mining and quarrying applications and can be literally enormous. Rigid rear dump trucks are perfect for off-road mining and heavy dirt hauling projects where you might need to dig out roads and need a truck to haul the massive amounts of dirt to another location. However, rigid rear dump trucks have limited flexibility, and require significant training and skill to operate given their gargantuan capacities.

Other tipper trucks for hire include site dumpers, front tipper dump trucks, track-mounted dump trucks, underground dump trucks and hi-rail dump trucks.

What Is the Best Brand of Tipper Trucks for Hire?

When you’re looking at tipper trucks for hire, it’s crucial to know which brand you’re going to be working with. Currently, Caterpillar is the leading manufacturer of tipper trucks for hire throughout the construction and mining industries. Caterpillar equipment has long been an industry favourite when it comes to heavy machinery. Caterpillar is manufactured to move material at a lower cost with high performance, comfort and reliability. Caterpillar tipper trucks minimise the risk of expensive repairs by including well-constructed parts and components. Also, their trucks are built to reduce the amount of pollution emitted as exhaust fumes, these attributes combine to create a more eco-friendly workspace.

Where Can I Find the Best Tipper Truck Hire in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane?

For the very best tipper trucks for hire around Australia, look no further than the team at Eastern Plant Hire. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated with a passion for delivering results. Our tipper trucks for hire are meticulously serviced and maintained to ensure you receive a first-class hire job every time you work with us. Get in touch today and speak with one of our friendly staff members about an obligation free quote!

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