Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane: Trustworthy Tips

The scraper hire process can be a tricky one at the best of times. There are many logistical issues to consider when it comes to scraper machine hire in Brisbane, so we’ve compiled a list of important factors to recognise prior to signing any rental documents.

If you’re aiming to save on costs with your scraper machine hire in Brisbane, keep project down-time to a minimum and learn more about the scrapers diverse functionality, read through our trustworthy tips below!

Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane Tip #1—Work With Qualified Professionals

This first tip may seem obvious to the average construction worker, but its importance cannot be understated. The success of your scraper machine hire in Brisbane could rest entirely on whether or not the operator you’re working with is ready to tackle your job. It’s important to ask whether the worker manning your scraper machine hire in Brisbane has the correct qualifications and experience in the role. This simple yet often overlooked process could be the difference between meeting your budget and sticking to the schedule.

Eastern Plant Hire’s operators work with a high degree of flexibility and skill. Our scraper machine hire drivers in Brisbane are fully licensed and qualified to work in their role and will always adhere to legal and procedural safety guidelines. For the very best scraper machine hire Brisbane has to offer, get in touch with EPH!

Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane Tip #2—Ensure Your Machine Is Regularly Serviced

A critical factor of scraper machine hire in Brisbane is ensuring your machine has been maintained and serviced to a high standard. Brisbane’s weather can have a dramatic impact on the functionality of scraper machine hire. From intense heat to harsh storms, it’s crucial to review the service records of your scraper machine hire in Brisbane before you agree to rent.

Understanding the level of care your scraper machine hire in Brisbane has been shown could be the difference between meeting budget or going into the red. It’s a great way to decrease the chance your machine breaks down, or even worse, harms an employee. Eastern Plant Hire meticulously maintain and service every machine in our constantly-growing plant hire fleet. For the most reliable scraper machine hire Brisbane has to offer, contact EPH today.

Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane Tip #3—Don’t Hire Too Big

When you’re looking at scraper machine hire in Brisbane, it’s important to be realistic with the scope of your project. A common mistake that a lot of people make is hiring the biggest machine available to them – this is a great way to not only waste money, but time, too. Identifying the size of the area the scraper machine hire in Brisbane will be working in is a great first step to a practical hire. The smaller the machine required, the cheaper the project will likely be.

Eastern Plant Hire has a wide range of scraper machine hire options in Brisbane. With small, medium and large bowl capacities, we’ll have the perfect-sized scraper for you!

How Do Scrapers Work?

Scrapers are used within the construction, mining and agriculture industries for bulk earth moving. Scraper machines are used to excavate layers of earth when the scraper machine and it’s attached trailer pass over an area of dirt to be removed. The scraper machine then drops it’s blade and the dirt beneath is lifted (scraped) into the trailer “bowl”. When the bowl has become full, it is removed from site and emptied or a new trailer is attached and the job continues and is completed.

Eastern Plant Hire Provide the Scraper Machine Hire Brisbane Relies On!

Eastern Plant Hire is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, with world-class equipment and reliable operators across New South WalesVictoria and Queensland. Our foundations were built around the customer experience with a key understanding of project scope, operational needs, and unique circumstances. We provide a scraper machine hire Brisbane can depend on, so get in touch today and speak with one of our friendly team members about an obligation-free quote!

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