Barangaroo Remediation

Our Work in the Barangaroo Remediation

The Barangaroo Remediation project is cleaning up historic contamination, left there by the old Millers Point Gasworks and other landfill. Although decommissioned in 1921 the contaminated soil and landfill were never dealt with until now. Due to the proximity to the harbour and parkland as well as future plans to redevelop the area the clean up is ensuring the contamination doesn’t cause future problems. With the new Barangaroo Metro Station and further development being built, it is critically important the soil is free from contamination.

Eastern Plant Hire had been able to contribute to the Barangaroo Remediation clean up efforts by providing trucks to transport the contaminated soil and spoil from the site to the appropriate hazardous waste disposal site. While not being the most difficult job we have undertaken, the logistics of this job were challenging. Because of the inner-city location of the site and the type of material we were transporting we had to ensure we were following all the necessary protocols and regulations.

The Barangaroo Remediation is part of the larger Barangaroo project which aims to redevelop the area into a world-class waterfront precinct. It includes a commitment is to be carbon neutral, water positive and to create zero waste emissions. The urban redevelopment plan includes the creation of a financial and retail hub along the waterfront, providing around 23,000 permanent jobs and 3,500 residences.

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