M80 Ring Road Upgrade Project

Our Work on the M80 Ring Road Upgrade

In December 2009, we mobilised a fleet of trucks for the major $647m section upgrade of the M80 Ring Road project in Victoria. There we undertook extensive contract work, from the Calder Freeway to Sydney Rd, with the Tulla Sydney Alliance. The Calder Freeway to Sydney Road upgrade saw extra lanes added to significantly reduce congestion and improve travel times. With over 160,000 drivers using the road every day, a number which is set to increase in the coming years, the M80 Ring Road project has created a faster and safer journey.

Over the course of the upgrades, EPH became the primary supplier for trucks to the $647m project. We also established a committed network of local material reuse, disposal and supply options to ensure the lowest environmental impact and best outcome for the client and project. Furthermore, EPH subcontractors were used in a variety of jobs over the duration of the project; ranging from detailed to bulk earthworksroad profilingquarry material delivery, general on-site cartage and many more.

The $647m section, part of the greater $2.25bn AUD M80 Ring Road Project, was completed in 2013 where it finished ahead of schedule by four months. The section upgrade involved 11km worth of upgraded freeway and involved the creation of 3,000 jobs. While the Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section was completed in 2013, the greater $2.25bn AUD Ring Road Project is still underway with expected completion by 2021.

Statistics about the project:

Start date: 2009
End Date: 2013
Cost: $647 million
Jobs: 3,000 direct jobs supported

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