Light Rail Works

Our Work on the Light Rail

EPH regularly undertakes contract work with Victoria’s leading light rail construction companies to deliver 24/7 service for critical occupation works. In 2019, there are three major projects currently active under Rail Project Victoria. They are the Melbourne Airport Rail Link, Metro Tunnel and Regional Rail Revival.

The Melbourne Airport Rail Link is currently building a detailed Business Case but is estimated to begin in 2022 and take nine years to complete the Sunshine Route, a valuable source of work and jobs for the industry. The Metro Tunnel will include the addition of five new underground stations and twin 9km tunnels under the CBD. There will be an estimated 1,800,000mof excavated soil and rock being produced during the project, which is set to be completed in 2025. The $1.75 billion Regional Rail Revival is upgrading every regional passenger line to support increased services into and out of Victoria’s regional areas. Works are set to finish in 2022, lining up with the commencement of the Airport Rail Link.

Due to the high number of trucks and plant that are required in high profile and tight access works like this, EPH regularly dedicates a representative to be present on-site at all times to assist our clients with a direct line of communication between them and our subcontractors. EPH additionally provides coordination and planning of after-hours disposal locations for a variety of material produced during these works.

Past Projects