South Morang Rail

Our Work on the South Morang Rail

From August 2010 through to early 2012, EPH were involved in the major $650m South Morang Rail Electrification Project with John Holland in Victoria. In addition to supplying a fleet of plant on hire, EPH were the primary cartage contractor for all material disposal and supply. The major South Morang Rail project, which opened in May 2012, saw improved safety and access for public and road transport in areas around railway developments in South Morang and Plenty Valley.

Typically running in excess of 100 trucks a day, this $650m project saw EPH dedicate a full-time representative to coordinate and monitor both the client’s and subcontractor’s requirements throughout such a critical operation. This project saw EPH utilise their reliable Imarda 360 GPS system to assist in managing productivity and enhancing efficiency.

The overarching project saw the installation of a new second track between Keon Park and Epping station along with the construction of a new 3.5km long double-track connecting Epping to South Morang station. The mammoth transport infrastructure project required over 15,999m of railway track, 10,000 concrete sleepers, 8,500m3 of concrete, 80,000t of rail ballast, 80,000m3 of basalt rock, 11,000m of drainage and 17,000m of kerb channel. The line services the fast-growing municipality of the City of Whittlesea and has helped to reduce road congestion on arterial roads leading to Melbourne’s CBD.

Past Projects