Grader for Hire

Graders for Hire across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Eastern Plant Hire offers an extensive fleet of graders for wet hire services across the east coast of Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne areas. Our fleet includes a diverse range of final trim grader machines with operators equipped to handle a variety of jobs ranging from small civil developments to major government contracts and infrastructure.

What is a Grader?

Graders are a specialised piece of construction equipment designed to level, or grade, a surface to millimetre precision. They are often used in road construction to level the road base, ensuring that a high-quality road is built and will last for a number of years to come. Operating a grader takes a great deal of skill, especially for final trim grading which can be shaving millimetres off a surface.

Graders for hire are regularly maintained to industry standards to ensure optimal performance and efficiency during the grading process – providing the highest quality results. Our dozer operators are highly skilled and are constantly aiming to improve on their last project, so you can guarantee a competitively good job every time.

World-class equipment and reliable operators across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

When you’ve got a motto like ‘The Best Service on Earth’ you have to follow through, here at EPH we take this motto into every day, working with each other and our clients to provide a high-quality grader wet hire service without the trouble.

Whether your project entails driveways or highways, Eastern Plant Hire equipment will ensure your job is done efficiently. Give us a call today to find out more about what our grader wet hire services can do for you and learn about our highly competitive hire rates.

Our range of graders for wet hire come in a variety of sizes and attachments:

  • 6t Grader
  • 14t Grader
  • 26t Grader
  • Ripper / Scarfier
  • Front blade
  • Free roll

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