Regional Rail Link

Our Work on the Regional Rail Link

In August 2012, EPH was appointed as the preferred cartage contractor on an $835M project, RRL Package C, within the greater Regional Rail Link project by the Thiess Balfour Beatty Joint Venture. Package C was focused on work from Footscray to Deer Park. Throughout the project, EPH were involved in a new and alternative ‘major’ occupation which trialled the efficiency of three-week rail occupations, rather than multiple short occupations. This maximised productivity, safety and planning and also ensured more consistency of trains resuming their normal services.

This $835m major project required EPH’s subcontractors to work within the project’s unique safety requirements. This lead EPH to encourage the up-skilling of numerous local inducted subcontractors and help them update their trucks to get involved in the project. Alongside standard daily works, EPH was also involved in supplying subcontractors during night works and critical rail occupation work.

At the conclusion of Package C of the Region Rail Link project 7.5km of the new regional track had been laid. With this came a multitude of other work to complete the project. In addition to the tracks work included new rail bridges, two road/rail separations, a new station and station upgrades completed improved level crossings and the design and construction of train control systems.

Past Projects