Earthmoving Plant Hire
New South Wales

Earthmoving Equipment and Plant Hire Available in New South Wales

When you need earthmoving equipment and plant hire in Sydney and New South Wales, Eastern Plant Hire has you sorted. With a wide range of plant for hire, from general earthmoving machines like excavators to specialised plant such as graders and rollers, EPH can provide an operator and machine whenever you need, wherever you need it. With almost 25 years of experience in the plant hire industry, providing plant hire solutions to major infrastructure projects and small residential projects alike, EPH has the skills and knowledge you need.

EPH began in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1996 as a small plant hire company with ambitions. As the years passed and we continued to grow, our ambitions did too. Eastern Plant Hire’s first major contact, the Eastern Freeway Extension, was a turning point that gave us a foot up into major contract work. Since that point, EPH has worked on major state infrastructure projects across the east coast through our three depots in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney alone, EPH have been busy on major infrastructure projects, such as the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project and the Barangaroo Remediation project.

Since expanding from our home state of Victoria up to Sydney and Brisbane we’ve been working hard to ensure that the reputation we have built at home is continued. In Sydney, in particular, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a comprehensive service, with both general and specialised plant and earthmoving equipment available for wet hire. EPH Sydney ensures that our machines are maintained and serviced to the highest standards, meaning your project is finished without delay or machine troubles.

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Hire General Plant and Earthmoving Equipment with EPH Sydney

When you need to hire general plant or earthmoving machinery EPH Sydney have what you need, in the size that you need it. When we define a type of plant as general, we mean plant and machinery that are standard hires, perform general earthmoving work and are used on almost every worksite. From excavators to skid steer loaders these earthmoving machines are the jack-of-all-trades in the plant hire industry and are available in all shapes and sizes at EPH Sydney.

When you need general plant hire, EPH Sydney has the range and fleet you need to get the job done. From hiring one small 3t excavator to hiring fifteen 30t excavators, we have the necessary operators and equipment to get your project moving. With a motto of ‘The Best Service on Earth’ you can ensure that each part of your plant hire process will run smoothly, from arranging and booking all the way to pack up after a job well done. With professional operators and well-maintained plant Eastern Plant Hire is your number one choice for plant hire.

Hire Specialised Earthmoving Equipment and Plant with EPH Sydney

When you need specialised plant to complete work on your project you can trust Eastern Plant Hire Sydney to have what you need. Specialised plant is a type of equipment that has a singular purpose. It may be able to complete a range of jobs, but they are all centred around the one thing the machine is really good at. Whether you need to hire a scraper or a roller with an operator EPH Sydney has the skills and resources needed to ensure your job is completed on time and on budget.

Plant and equipment that fall into the specialised plant hire category are:

EPH’s specialised plant and equipment for hire come in a number of sizes and types, whether you need a 45t dozer or a 3t roller Eastern Plant Hire Sydney has it. Having built a fleet of machines and plant over the years we’re able to provide a comprehensive plant hire service that provides you with everything you need. Having the capacity, resources and time that we do, EPH is able to service major infrastructure projects and small backyard jobs at the same time. So it doesn’t matter if you need an acre of land cleared or 10 km of road graded and rolled, Eastern Plant Hire are ready to sort your plant hire needs out.

When You Need to Hire Plant and Earthmoving Equipment in Sydney or New South Wales, Choose EPH

When you need to hire plant or earthmoving equipment with an operator Eastern Plant Hire New South Wales has you covered. We have a range of plant, from skid steers to water carts and scrapers ready to hire out to your job, whether it’s a small house pad or a major infrastructure project. From Wollongong to Dubbo, and Port Macquarie to Wagga Wagga we have plant available for hire. EPH will never forget where we’ve come from to be where we are today so you can guarantee you’ll get the best service on earth! Give us a call or email through your project details today and we’ll help get your plant hire needs sorted.

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EPH offers a comprehensive range of experienced equipment operators at competitive prices. For Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane based projects, EPH has machinery readily available to help you with your project. Contact us today on 1300 037 437 for a free no obligation quote.