Truck & Quad Dog Hire

Truck and Dog Quad Hire Across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

At Eastern Plant Hire we have a large range of EPA registered truck and dog quad trucks available for wet hire across our 3 depots in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We specialise in wet hire and all our operators of our truck and quad dog trucks have extensive experience and have worked across the civil, construction, commercial, government and residential sectors.

What Is a Truck and Dog Quad?

A truck and quad dog is a truck and trailer combination of 7-axles, which includes a 3-axle truck and a 4-axle trailer. The overall length of the truck and quad dog is 18 – 20m while the width is 2.5m. Truck and quad dogs for wet hire are very popular due to their high payload and ease of maneuverability in urban areas.

What Is a Truck and Quad Dog Used for?

A truck and quad dog is primarily used for bulk haulage of quarry materials such as sand, gravel, rock or construction aggregate. A quad dog can carry a large capacity and it can be used across civil, construction, commercial, government and residential projects.

Where to Hire a Truck and Dog Quad?

The truck and quad dog trucks are available to hire across our 3 depots across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have one of Australia’s largest fleet of truck and quad dogs available for hire, with highly experienced operators. Get in touch with us today for all your project hire needs.

Additional Features & Attachments

  • Body configurations: Steel Bisalloy Aluminium
  • Cabin configurations: Cab-Over Bonnet Nose
  • Environmental tarps
  • EPA Registered
  • Performance Based Standard (PBS) configuration
  • Asphalt specifications: Tamper clearance and asphalt gates
  • 2-Way tailgate
  • Grain locks
  • Differential locks

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