Pillars Road Earthworks Basin Project

Our Work on the Pillars Road Earthworks Basin Project

Between March and June of 2018, Eastern Plant Hire undertook a materials cartage project with Bitu-mill at the new master-planned community, Savana, located in Wyndham Vale Victoria. The project was an important part of the new infrastructure needed for the development to go ahead. The project Eastern Plant Hire and Bitu-mill worked on was building a temporary water retarding basin which will form part of the larger water outfall scheme for the area.

The master-planned community, Savana, has been created by AVID Property Group with the intention to bring world-class community living to the suburbs of Melbourne. With 619 lots for sale and a variety of townhouses, small and large homes it was vital for the property group to create a sustainable environment. With a large central park and other amenities spotted across the neighbourhood, Savana has received certification from the Urban Development Institute of Australia in ecosystems, energy, water and community.

Part of the plan to create a sustainable and safe environment involved the creation of a temporary water detention basin. This would form part of a larger water outfall scheme to ensure when there was heavy rain, water would be able to escape without damaging any homes or infrastructure. This type of infrastructure excavation work is mandated by law on all new master-planned communities and is essential to the long term success of them.

Eastern Plant Hire undertook a materials cartage contract with Bitu-mill predominantly doing cut and fill work or removing soil and spoil from the site with truck and quad dogs. Over the four-month period, EPH trucks moved over 70,000m³ of material to create the temporary water retarding basin and water outfall scheme for AVID Property Group’s Savana neighbourhood.

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