Semi Trailer Hire

Semi Trailer Hire Across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

Eastern Plant Hire has an extensive fleet of semi trailers for wet hire services which operate the east coast of Australia across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our fleet includes semi trailers, truck & dog combos and tandems which carry out jobs from large civil construction projects to government contracts and infrastructure.

What Is a Semi Trailer?

A semi trailer is a type of truck that is capable of hauling large quantities of materials and other goods. Semi trailers are attached to a truck’s tractor unit through a fifth wheel coupling, also known as a hitch. Their trailers can be as long as 25m but are generally only 19m long. We have an extensive range of high quality semi trailers for short term and long term hire.

What Is a Semi Trailer Used for?

Semi trailers are used for a number of purposes in the construction industry, including the transport of loose materials and goods. Semi trailers for wet hire are also used to transport construction machinery to site, such as graders and rollers. Semi trailers for wet hire are a great addition to a project’s truck fleet thanks to their versatility and efficiency.

Where to Hire a Semi Trailer?

Semi trailers for hire with operators are regularly maintained to ensure a high standard of performance and efficiency when it comes to bulk haulage. So whether you need a semi trailer for hire in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you can trust Eastern Plant Hire to provide equipment that will help you complete the job efficiently. Give the team a call today to find out more about our highly-competitive semi trailer wet hire rates and how we can assist you with all your project needs.

Our semi trailers come with trained operators and have multiple transport uses:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Roadworks
  • Machinery
  • Structures

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