Truck and Dog Hire

Truck and Dog Hire Across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

All of Eastern Plant Hire’s truck and dog (also known as truck & trailer) trucks are EPA registered and available for hire across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We specialise in wet hire and have worked on some of Australia largest projects across civil, construction and residential sectors. All of our operators have gone through extensive training and have all the required licenses to get the job done.

What is a Truck and Dog?

A truck and dog consist of 3 axle truck and 3 axle dog (trailer). It can carry up to 42 tonnes, with the length of the truck of 8.5 m and the overall length of 19 meters and width of 2.5m.

What is a Truck and Dog used for?

A truck and dog are commonly used for bulk haulage and material cartage due to the ability to cart higher volumes. They are hired for various applications on a construction site including, material cartage to bulk haulage, road profiling, rock cartage, asphalt supply and quarry materials delivery. Truck and dogs are mobile and can fit and tip in tight spaces. Due to this a truck and dog is the most commonly used truck on construction sites.

Where to Hire a Truck and Dog?

Our truck and dogs are available for wet hire across our 3 depots including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They are available on any scale projects across civil, construction, residential and government sectors. We have competitive rates on both short and long-term hire and will be able to provide you with all the information to complete your project in the fastest timeframe possible.

Additional Features & Attachments

  • Body configurations: Steel Bisalloy Aluminium
  • Cabin configurations: Cab-Over Bonnet Nose
  • Environmental tarps
  • EPA Registered
  • Performance Based Standard (PBS) configuration
  • Asphalt specifications: Tamper clearance and asphalt gates)
  • 2-Way tailgate
  • Grain locks
  • Differential locks

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