Logan Enhancement Project

Our Work on the Logan Enhancement Project

Major construction on the $512 million Logan Enhancement Project began in 2017 (under CPB Contractors), where Eastern Plant Hire’s plant and expertise have been utilised for various parts of the Queensland-based project. EPH trucks were used throughout the day and night, with our night crew often smashing out 4,000T of profiling before each new day begins.

The major congestion-busting project, powered by over 1300 local jobs, is anticipated to deliver around $1 billion in economic benefits for Queensland over the next 30 years. With the major arterial linking the south and west to Brisbane seeing almost 150,000 vehicles each day the upgrade is needed now more than ever. The Logan Enhancement Project involves numerous upgrades and new roadway features including:

  • covering resurfacing efforts
  • interchange upgrades
  • the installation of new safety components and barriers
  • the addition of new service roads
  • new pedestrian and cycle paths
  • the upgrade and relocation of various on and off-ramps
  • new noise barriers
  • upgraded traffic signals and signage
  • new traffic lights

EPH’s versatile services and fleet have helped numerous activities throughout the project. Key project contractors have notably integrated EPH plant and trucks on hire to undertake tasks like material transport and loading and disposal, with EPH expertise helping to optimise machine fleet utilisation and facilitate project efficiency.

Statistics about the project:

Start date: Mid 2017
End Date: August 2019
Cost: $512 million provided by a moderate increase to truck tolls on Logan Motorway and Gateway Motorway.
Jobs: 1,300 direct jobs supported.

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