Traxcavator for Hire

Traxcavator for Hire in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Traxcavators, also known as tracked loaders, is a construction machine that combines the power of dozers and the capabilities of a loader or excavator. While not as popular in the 21st-century, traxcavators for hire were exceedingly popular in the early stages of construction machinery.

Traxcavators came to be when a business in the United States, Trackson Company, combined a tracked tractor body with a loader lift arms. This meant that the traxcavator could be used in place of a dozerskid steer loader and excavator. The traxcavator has also had rippers installed at the back of the machine to break up dense soil. While the traxcavator isn’t as powerful as any of the machines listed, it is capable of getting the job done when hired.

Today, traxcavators for hire are often used as mini dozers on construction sites where using a full-size dozer is either not possible due to space and logistics or is simply not needed. Eastern Plant Hire regularly wet hire our traxcavators out to projects such as road repairs and house slabs.

The main attachment used on a traxcavator is a 4-in1 bucket. This type of bucket is used on a range of construction equipment due to its versatility and effectiveness. With the ability to grade, scrape, doze and spread material as well as grab materials there’s not too many other attachments this versatile. When you pair a 4-in-1 bucket with a traxcavator for wet hire through EPH you know you’re getting a construction machine that can get the job done fast and efficiently.

The traxcavators Eastern Plant Hire has available for wet hire include:

  • 2.8-tonne traxcavator
  • 9.4-tonne traxcavator
  • 21 tonne+ traxcavator