Soil and Spoil Removal Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Soil and Spoil Removal Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney

Eastern Plant Hire offers a superior contaminated soil and spoil removal service across the east coast of Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney areas. Our competitively-priced contaminated soil and spoil removal service skilfully manage your material needs of the backyard, the park and the construction site.

EPH has a team of EPA licenced operators to undertake the contaminated soil disposal. The soil and spoil removal service is managed and maintained to industry standards and is frequently assessed to ensure only the absolute best service is provided. our team are equipped with the necessary equipment and qualifications and are capable of getting the contaminated soil disposed of in a timely manner, without compromising safety.

We also offer specific spoil removal services, to ensure that liquid waste and contaminated liquid waste is removed correctly. Whether you’re removing soil or spoil, Eastern Plant Hire will complete your job to the highest standard in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Our soil and spoil service provides an important environmental services such as:

  • Material and soil removal EPH recognise the increasing need to monitor and manage the movement of excavated materials in an environmentally responsible way. We can assist with your material logistics & disposal requirements through an extensive network of over 100 disposal sites throughout Australia.
  • Material and soil reuse From dealing with the majority of Australia’s premier civil contractors, EPH has access to the largest volume of ex-market material available for re-use on your project.
  • Contaminated soil display Complying with EPA regulations and guidelines, our EPA licensed operators have the right equipment and qualifications to meet your project’s requirements. With access to numerous licensed landfills, EPH will organise the best disposal solution for your contaminated soil.

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