Lygon St Tram Track Renewal Project

Our Work on the Lygon St Tram Track Renewal Project

Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria are currently upgrading the tram system throughout the City of Yarra. The current system has been in place for over 50 years and need major upgrades to ensure that the system is prepared and capable of handling the next 50 years. Each of the tram track renewal projects is broken up into major occupations, which sees a section of a tram line undergo 24-hour contruction work to complete the project in a small amount of time.

This type of construction occupation has been trialled on the upgrade of the Regional Rail Link project, with the intention to cause less chaotic disruptions. By doing this there is a large chunk of time where the lines are completely closed, instead of closing for a day or two, then opening, only to close the next week. This then means the project is finished faster with less ongoing disruptions for local residents and businesses.

Eastern Plant Hire was an integral part of the success of the Lygon St Tram Track Renewal project. Providing essential earthmoving machinery and trucks for materials cartage 24-hours a day ensured the project met its strict deadline. This particular project happened over two weeks in January of 2018. The tram tracks along this busy main street were over 50 years old and were both noisy and inefficient.

The renewal was completed between Weston St and Elgin St, creating a smoother road surface and less tram noise. Other works on the Lygon St Tram Track renewal included the replacement of overhead lines and the installation of a detector loop. Once finished the project provided a safer and quieter environment, thanks to new safety kerbing, for trams, cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

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