From Tuesday 5th October 2021, the Victorian construction industry lockdown is expected be lifted, with construction work resuming (subject to restrictions).

From 2nd October 2021, workers at construction sites will not be permitted to enter a work premises if they have not received at least a partial COVID-19 vaccination, subject to limited exemptions.

The Victorian Government issued COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Directions (No 4) which requires Operators of Construction Sites for all constructions worksites across Victoria to ensure workers do not enter or remain on premises that is a construction site, that cannot provide evidence of;

1. The worker has received a full COVID-19 vaccination,

(proved by a ‘COVID-19 Digital Certificate’ via Services Australia or MyGov)


2. The worker has received a partial COVID-19 vaccination,

(proved by an ‘Australia Immunisation Register’ record via MyGov)


3. The worker has a been issued an exemption from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination from a medical practitioner

(via a medical certificate/letter from an authorised medical practitioner)

The above requirements are a directive from the Victorian Government, not EPH.

In preparation for the lockdown end, EPH require Independent Contractors looking to provide their services through EPH to complete the following COVID-19 Vaccination Declaration to assist in compliance requirements.

Until you as an Independent Contractor, submit a COVID-19 Vaccination Declaration to EPH, you will be considered as not meeting the mandatory vaccination requirements required for allocation of work on construction sites.


The mandatory vaccination requirement applies to the construction sector and covers anyone who attends a construction site including:

  • delivery drivers to the extent that their vehicle is used to carry out work at the construction site.

Delivery trucks will also be considered construction sites even if the driver does not exit the vehicle upon arrival at the primary or secondary premises.