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Why Soil Removal is Crucial for Site Remediation

Why Soil Removal is Crucial for Site Remediation Site remediation is an important process when you are trying to improve the overall health of a once polluted worksite. Barangaroo Reserve, pictured above, is a remediated site. This is [...]

Key Differences between On and Off-Road Water Carts

Key Differences Between On and Off-Road Water Carts Whether you are looking to conduct a road construction project or you’re working on a construction site that is conducting demolition or earthworks, implementing a water cart into your equipment [...]

How is Compactor Hire used in Construction?

How is Compactor Hire used in Construction? Compactors are an essential machine in the construction industry and are utilised to compact various organic and inorganic materials such as soil, asphalt, sand and much more. Compaction is a crucial [...]

How does contaminated soil removal work?

How does contaminated soil removal work? Contaminated soil can be found across Australia and comes in a number of variations. From old warehouse rubbish buried 70 years ago to chemicals leaching into the soil and buried asbestos, contaminated [...]

Street Sweeper Hire: Four Things to Consider

Street Sweeper Hire: Four Things to Consider When you need to hire a street sweeper there is a range of things to consider before making the final decision on street sweeper model and company. It’s important to remember, [...]

Backhoe hire: How does a backhoe work?

Backhoe Hire: How Does a Backhoe Work? Backhoes, while not extremely popular in Australia, are capable of completing the work of excavators, skid steer loaders, front loaders and other construction excavation equipment. Backhoes can be found on construction [...]

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Plant Hire

Whether you’re a project manager operating on large-scale civil works, a weekend warrior looking to dig a few holes in a backyard, or you’re in the mining industry and need a fleet of vehicles - you’re probably looking [...]

What is Clean Fill?

From small residential projects to more complex civil jobs, it’s critical that you understand whether or not the materials you’re handling are classified as clean fill. Clean fill refers to a certain type of waste material that can [...]

Eastern Plant Hire strive to provide ‘The Best Service on Earth’

At EPH we work hard on major projects and within our communities to ensure we not only meet the expectations of our clients but leave a lasting positive impact on the communities around us. From partaking in the Bicycle Network’s awareness campaigns, keeping truck drivers and cyclists safe, to sponsoring our local racing team we know the importance of supporting our communities.

Thanks to hard work, dedication and a little bit of luck the team at Eastern Plant Hire have been able to work on some of the biggest construction and infrastructure projects across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. It took a long time for us to get to this point and we never take for granted the amazing opportunities that have come from it. From backyard projects to carting 450,000m³ of spoil the team at EPH are always aiming to provide you with ‘The Best Service on Earth’.

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